Innovations to help organizations
operate faster, leaner and smarter

Transform every aspect of commerce with Proactis innovations.

The Proactis

CORE Framework

The core design of the Proactis solution suite has been honed and proven through years of experience serving the needs of hundreds of organizations around the world.

It is the inner framework that makes our solutions simple to deploy and use, but not simplistic; largely self-managing and highly adaptable to change. It’s what makes them some of the most successful solutions in the world.
Innovation Spotlight: Overview 

We’re driving rapid innovations that help organizations operate faster, leaner and smarter in the digital economy. Whether delivered as a SaaS solution or part of a managed service, these innovations are designed to eliminate wasted time, money and talent across their business processes – in ways that deliver the greatest bottom-line value for them. Buyers gain greater value, sellers gain greater sales, and everyone gains greater efficiencies.

The innovations below are now live and available.

Accelerated Payment Facility with Proactis
Offer all your suppliers the opportunity
to receive early payments in exchange
for discounts on invoice amounts.
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Systems integration
Built with integration points that utilize industry
standards and tools to make integration into
your system easy to implement and manage.
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Compliance controls
Ensure organization-wide compliance
with all sourcing, budgetary and
approval policies.
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Corporate governance
Understand your corporate responsibility
and provide the controls you need
to comply.
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Deliver bottom-line value to your business by choosing spend management solutions without unnecessary costs and complexity:

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