People Powered Evolution

ReThink ’23 Key Takeaways

The theme of ReThink '23 was People Powered Evolution, and each session focused on people-driven evolution of technology and mindset in procurement and finance processes - a particularly relevant subject as we all try to drive organizational growth and maturity, while navigating through economic uncertainty and business continuity.

How people and AI work together to evolve finance and procurement with Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters
Thought leader session takeaways:
  • Align people and technology on your S2P strategy. Focus on business value. And remember, spend is what you pay, value is what you get.
  • Know what you don’t know. Ask questions. Take a skills inventory... and a capability inventory. Share best practices and data.
  • Pick your key metrics and grow them over time - your most precious commodity is time. Start slow but be deliberate and have fun!
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The reality of people power in transformation and change with Chris Argent, Founder and Head of Community at GenerationCFO
Thought leader session takeaways:
  • Technology is an enabler, but people play a pivotal role in AI success.
  • Embrace and celebrate the change. People are fundamental to transformation.
  • Prepare for a collaborative future. AI will always need a human touch for optimal outcomes.
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A people centric approach to delivering digital transformations with David Loseby, Advisor, CPO, EIC, Author & Speaker
Thought leader session takeaways:
  • Create a psychologically safe environment which empowers your people.
  • Be aware of how you frame messages. What is it that you want to get across? Make it positive for your people.
  • Acknowledge the diversity in how people process information, dedicating time and preparation for effective communication.
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Global leader Vestiaire Collective’s Procure-to-Pay digital transformation with Akrem Kaabi, Head of Procurement
Customer case study session takeaways:
  • Needed a new PO platform to ensure spend was under control and people were productive and confident, especially in light of the 2024 invoicing regulations in France.
  • Wanted a SaaS product and Proactis' modular approach, which will enable Vestiaire to grow at its fast-growing pace, made Proactis the unanimous choice.  
  • Teams are now happy and collaborating with the technology.
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“Shaping Future Finance” – Platform Housing's journey to reshape and future-proof its finance function with Craig Barber, Shaping Future Finance Programme Director & Property (Assets, Sustainability & Repairs) Change Programme Lead
Customer case study session takeaways:
  • Needed a single Source-to-Pay (S2P) solution that aligned Procurement and Finance more closely and which was able to keep up to date with market trends, functionalities and integrations was key.
  • Proactis provided intuitive software to enhance the user experience, that people were able to start using quickly.
  • Platform can now control spend and improve visibility by having all supplier information in one place, improved reporting and data to enable leaders to make better-informed decisions.
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NN Group’s people powered international rollout of P2P and AP Managed Service with Hugo Baartman, Manager DevOps Finance Operations
Customer case study session takeaways:
  • Required a centralized solution to process and pay invoices.
  • Around 95% of Dutch business units in the NN Group now onboarded with Proactis, with a focus to expand internationally.
  • Proactis has standardized processes and strategies for staff, as well as saving time and money.
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Markerstudy Group:  A finance transformation built on data, people, processes and systems with David Smithson, Finance Transformation Lead
Customer case study session takeaways:
  • Needed a centralized way of working across the group, and a way to integrate different platforms to drive employee efficiency.
  • Required Accounts Payable Automation and P2P functionality with automation of processes (to reduce stress and improve employee work/life balance), the ability to grow, and value for money.
  • Proactis technology provided this functionality while also helping to bridge the skills gaps to ensure all employees were trained and confident with systems and processes.
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  • AI is here to stay.
  • People are the key to harnessing the power of technology and AI.
  • Maintain forward momentum, but involve everyone – this is how to foster continuous growth.
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