Spend Management for CFOs:

10 questions about why CFOs should invest more time in spend management, and how to do it
What should you consider when deploying a new Procurement system in order to work hand-in-hand with your existing financial and operational systems?

Here are 10 key questions – knowing the answers will greatly simplify your Spend Management initiative:

  • What is our fundamental objective?
  • Exactly how will we create savings?
  • What business processes are involved?
  • What people are involved?
  • What systems capabilities are needed?
  • What are the keys to success?
  • How will eProcurement impact our financial/ERP system?
  • How do we avoid getting tangled up in a long, expensive project?
  • How do we organize for both early and sustained results?
  • Where do we start?
These are the 10 questions that we cover in our whitepaper – download it now to find out how to simplify your spend management processes.
Spend Management for CFOs
Download the white paper now: