Supplier Management

Improve supplier relationships with a streamlined vendor management process
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Proactis Supplier Management makes it easy to build and maintain a comprehensive vendor directory and manage the vendor lifecycle by providing web-based tools to support vendor appraisal.
You can bring together all information about your vendors in one central location, with all data available across the organization. The solution can present the information you need, and you can be sure that the information is up-to-date. 
With Proactis Supplier Management you can achieve:
Verbesserung der Lieferantenperformance
Improve supplier performance and lower costs .

Störungen aufgrund fehlender Lieferantenleistungen
Reduced cost of disruptions caused by non-performance.

lieferantenrisiko management
Reduced cost of administration support in Accounts Payable and Procurement.

Transparenz über die Richtlinien für das Lieferantenmanagement
All vendor information up to date and transparent, so you can share supplier data across your organization.

Keep on top and raise standards

Proactis provides your team with an easy way to monitor vendor performance and risk, using relevant information from different applications, meaning that you can keep track of vendor performance levels. 

The software will, subsequently, assist in planning and evaluating improvement measures.
Supplier Management - Keep on top and raise standards

See every vendor all in one place

View every vendor and their goods, services, certifications, specialties, locations and contacts. 

Vendors are made available to all your key systems automatically.
Supplier management - See every vendor all in one place

Always up-to-date vendor information

The vendor profiles contain a wealth of information, such as registration numbers, sales data, contact data, etc. Suppliers can self-serve and keep this data up to date themselves. 

Vendor profiles play a key role in contract management, supplier selection and order processing so vendors are encouraged to keep their profiles up-to-date.
Supplier management - Always up-to-date vendor information
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