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With Proactis you can increase the proportion of spend under management and on-contract by providing improved visibility and control of contracts throughout the contract lifecycle, and by ensuring that the organization consistently utilizes them when buying goods and services.

All contracts can be recorded and stored centrally, so you will have complete visibility into all required contract information. You will also always have real-time insight into your financial liabilities and a reliable way of maintaining your extensive contract portfolio. 
With Proactis Contract Management you can achieve:
lieferanten vertragsmanagement
Control and visibility across the entire contract lifecycle .

Den einfachen Austausch von Vertragsinformationen
Simple sharing of contract information across your organization.

Effektive Überwachung und Bewertung von Vertragsvereinbarungen
Effective monitoring and assessment of contract agreements.

vertragsmanagement software
Real-time insight into your liabilities.
A practical first step to assessing your Source-to-Contract process:
As a Procurement leader in your organization, have you been thinking your sourcing, supplier management and contract management processes could stand to be improved? Or maybe that they desperately need to be improved?

Do you sense that those processes may be wasting precious resources (time, money, talent etc.) because they are not as effective or efficient as they should be?

If it is time to rethink your Source-to-Contract (S2C) process, our Assessment Tool can help you do that in a structured manner.
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A practical first step to assessing your Source-to-Contract process

See everything, instantly

Managing hundreds or thousands of contracts just got easier. You can monitor contract dates and other important details, based on defined criteria (Key Performance Indicators) and notice periods, alerting your team whenever action is needed. 

It automatically gathers all purchase activity so you can monitor and analyse supplier performance and buyer commitments easily.
Contract Management - See everything, instantly

Schedule key events - and never miss them

Avoid missing contract renewal dates, compliance checks and other important events. 

The system remembers and alerts you automatically, so every event is addressed at the desired time.
Contract Management - Schedule key events

Transparent processes and procedures

The solution ensures that everyone uses the most recent version of a contract and complies with the correct terms and conditions. 

Product catalogs can be linked to contract data for maximum efficiency. The solution becomes more powerful when combined with Proactis’ Procurement solution.
Contract Management - Transparent processes and procedures

Control every contract

The solution supports all forms of contract, from new to recurring. Recurrent contract obligations (such as leases and telephone or maintenance costs) can be easily defined and monitored, giving a clear insight into financial liabilities and resulting in smarter and faster invoice processing. 

The incorporated Document Management System means you can store all details captured in any sort of document and retrieve these easily.
Contract Management - Control every contract
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