Invoice Scan and Capture

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The Proactis Invoice Capture Service solves one of the biggest bottlenecks in the Finance department and it unlocks greater efficiencies, all the way through to invoice payment. Our service helps you to convert all incoming invoices (PDF, EDI/XML invoices etc.), to ready-to-use electronic processing data at a fraction of the time and cost that it takes your organization to process them manually.

Proactis provides support for scanning, interpreting and filing of invoice data, without having to purchase extra software. Invoices are scanned with OCR software, after which we process them to your specifications, and the data is delivered in the output format that you require. The data can then be easily uploaded into your Purchase-to-Pay process. 

A step-by-step approach to invoice automation

How do you go about getting from where you are today to effective invoice processing automation?

Proactis has identified 8 key steps to effective invoice automation:
  • Analyze current processes
  • Centralize invoice management
  • Standardize policies and procedures
  • Automate
  • Enable supplier self-service
  • Proactively request early payment discounts
  • Leverage information for better sourcing
  • Incrementally automate invoice capture
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Step-by-step approach to invoice automation

Intelligent document and data capture

Invoice Capture transforms paper and PDF invoices into ready-to-process electronic invoices. It captures a scanned image of the document, extracts all necessary information, creates an electronic record from it and deposits the electronic image of the invoice. Manual invoice coding is eliminated, exception handling is reduced and the resulting electronic invoice record can be automatically matched and approved.

The solution can process invoice line items, which is a prerequisite for automatic purchase order matching. By integrating the software with your purchasing and financial systems, you can get even more out of your electronic invoice processing.
Intelligent document and data capture

Electronic invoicing

You can achieve efficiency gains by completely eliminating paper invoices from your invoicing process, regardless of the type and size of your suppliers. It doesn't matter if they are high or low volume suppliers - there is a suitable method of invoicing for everyone. Proactis Invoice Capture can capture not only paper invoices, but also common e-invoice formats such as XML or UBL 2.0 and transfer them to your target system in the desired format.

The solution provides each user or user group with a separate inbox containing only the invoices for which the user or user group is responsible. On the one hand, this allows work to be shared between different employees, and on the other hand, you do not run the risk of unauthorized access.
Invoice Capture - Electronic invoicing
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