The future of spend management is agile

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Agility is about being able to change direction with ease and adapt through continuous evolution. And your Source-to-Pay processes and technology should be able to respond to:
  • Market availability.
  • Price inflations.
  • Supply chain breakdowns.
  • Borders closing.
  • Trade agreement changes.
  • Shift to remote working.
  • Changing internal stakeholder needs.
High-performing Finance and Procurement functions are driving value, growth and resilience, DESPITE these conditions.

When technology is applied, teams make more informed decisions and control a greater portion of their spend...leading to savings, better supplier relationships and reduced risk.

Next Generation P2P

Transforming P2P into a strategic spend management linchpin

This guide makes the case that the route to maximum agility across Source-to-Pay sits with P2P as the ‘strategic linchpin’ - covering the key objectives in finance transformational projects:
  • Visibility and control of cost against budgets.
  • Visibility of spend through commitment account.
  • Better cashflow management.
  • Maximum efficiency of spend management processes.
  • Effective use of employee time.
  • Optimised invoice processing.
  • Maximising the value created by procurement.
  • Minimising fraud and risk across the supply-chain.
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Transforming P2P into a strategic spend management linchpin
Next Generation Finance and Procurement: The Future is Agile
In this special panel discussion, industry experts Chris Argent, Chris Doxey, Ilija Ugrinic and Jenny Draper explore the future of Finance and Procurement and why agility is so important in today's business environment.  Watch the Webcast now...
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