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Your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) - a guide to help protect your company

Business continuity planning (BCP) is the process used when creating a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats to your company. BCP ensures that employees and assets are protected and are able to function seamlessly in the event of a disaster.

This guide will provide examples of BCPs and the supporting checklists that will protect your organization, reduce risk and prevent cash leakage. 

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10 ways that P2P automation supports business continuity

This guide describes how automation in procurement and accounts payable processes can reduce risk and support a virtual environment from invoice processing to spend management - including specific examples of P2P risk within a manual process and how automation supports business continuity in the “new normal.” Best practices include:
  • Your Continuous Continuity Checklist for P2P.
  • Identify and tackle Segregation of Duties conflicts.
  • How to automate your Delegation of Authority Process. 
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How P2P Automation Reduces Friction in the Financial Close

The financial closing process is one of the most fundamental indicators of the efficiency of your financial infrastructure. This critical foundation must be in place before your Finance and Accounting team can even begin to optimize its role as a true consultative business partner and trusted advisor, assisting in achieving strategic goals and creating shareholder value. 
If your Finance function is bogged down in a never-ending closing process, they have little time to focus on enhanced reporting or analytics. Visibility of accurate financial information and underlying operating metrics are critical to your management team in any economic environment, but particularly in times of uncertainty, where rapid and knowledgeable responses to changing business and market dynamics are imperative.

We have created a guide to help your business case an how P2P automation reduces friction in the Financial Close process. 

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