Accounts Payable and P2P Scorecard

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Introducing the Proactis Accounts Payable (AP) and P2P Scorecard.

Finance and procurement teams need to start with a baseline. We have devised a series of AP and P2P metrics to help you to benchmark your transformation - where you are today and compare to where you'll be in the future.

We have outlined detailed metrics in a scorecard format so that you can focus on the results and “drill down” into the details if needed.

Using several years of AP and P2P process experience, the scorecard has been organized into the following categories:

  1. General Cost and Full Time  Equivalent (FTE) Metrics.
  2. Procurement Cost and  Process Metrics.
  3. Accounts Payable Cost and  Process Metrics.
  4. Controls and Compliance.
Accounts Payable and Purchase-to-Pay Scorecard
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