How top CFOs & CPOs achieve visibility of corporate spending

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As finance and procurement executives, it’s important more than ever to align your goals and formulate a plan to gain the most visibility and control of spend – accelerating the overall buying and Accounts Payable process to lower cost per transaction. While you’re trying to achieve this day in and day out, what happens when there’s a curve ball thrown your way? When business change happens or a crisis hits forcing business processes to change? 

Business as usual in the new normal requires adaptation, agility, and resilience.
Chris Doxey (Internal Controls and Risk Management Consultant at Doxey, Inc.) and Jan Van Der Pouw (Digital Transformation Director at Proactis) discuss:
  • Their experience helping customers like you achieve corporate spend visibility during change.
  • What you can achieve with spend analytics and how it can drive company decisions.
  • How you can identify an area of opportunity and implement processes to change its performance for the better.

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