Top 5 Resources for Finance Leaders

Where do you go to stay up-to-speed as a Financial leader?

Whatever your role, there are always new things to learn. And since your role in Finance is evolving at rapid speed, we have put together five suggested resources where you can go to stay ahead of the game. 

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CFO Dive -
CFO Dive provides in-depth journalism and insight into the most impactful news and trends shaping the finance industry. The newsletters and website cover topics such as financial reporting, compliance, technology, risk management, leadership, and more.

This is a great resource for timely articles on recent news and trends, webinars and industry research, which are all accessible online. There is a large library with topics ranging from strategy to reporting, to compliance and risk technology.

Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) -
IOFM is an independent and comprehensive place for continued education and development. Becoming a member gives you access to 100 tools and templates, automation whitepapers and webinars, workshops, compliance content, financial operations in-depth workshops, and more.

They also host a Spring and Fall conference and expo held by IOFM. The AP & P2P Conference provides the opportunity to meet experienced practitioners and innovative strategists and share proven best practices and tested solutions to help you get through the toughest challenges in AP today.

Additionally, you can stay on top of your certification with live on-site IOFM APS, APM, and P2P certification courses.

Forbes -
Forbes features original articles on innovation, leadership, and business topics. The publication also has an entire section dedicated to CFOs and discusses a range of topics, including personal growth, the latest technology, and what companies are up to financially.

Supply Chain Brain -
Why should you care about the supply chain? More than ever, you’ll need to work with your supply chain professionals to understand, analyze and address supply chain issues. You are crucial in providing insight into financial implications of their decisions and help with supply chain resiliency.

SupplyChainBrain, is a comprehensive supply chain management resource. It provides latest news, emerging trends, and forward-thinking ideas on local and global supply chains. Our favorite section is the Think Tank.

Dilbert Comics -
Because sometimes you need to break up your day with a bit of fun and humor and what better way to do that with Dilbert and his crew. Dilbert comics features a variety of real-life business scenarios and depicts them into humorous cartoon characters and sarcastic captions.

Bonus resource: Proactis -
Proactis helps growing mid-market organizations to control 100% of their spend. We work with our customers to transform their Source-to-Pay processes resulting in cost savings and efficiency gains while increasing compliance and reducing risk.

You have access to finance and procurement assessment tools, expert articles and blog posts focused on helping you bring spend under management. We also offer tips and shared best practices of how finance and procurement professionals are working together to grow and scale their business through digital transformation.