Tips for remote working from Proactis customers

With the continued work from home environment, we asked our customers how they stayed productive at home. Here are their top tips for working from home.
  1. “I set up my home office, so it is almost exactly to my office at work. It is comfortable and what I am used to while being different from my personal at home computer area.”
  2. “I use Microsoft Teams and have a dual monitor set up very close to what I have in the office. Super important is a comfortable chair. I brought home my office chair which makes all the difference.”
  3. “Teams works awesome for multiple types of meetings with a variety of attendee/groups.”
  4. “Zoom has been very easy to adopt and works for just about everyone. DocuSign was implemented very quickly and worked quite well for those having to sign agreements.”
  5. “Making sure my home desk is ergonomically correct has been a big help. Having a specific workstation where I "go to work" every day. We use "Teams" as our conference platform. It has worked very well for our organization.”
  6. “A ring or halo light is an essential item.”
  7. “Microsoft Teams has helped us with messaging and staying connected while also reducing the number of meetings required.”
  8. “Focus, focus, focus…”
  9. “The best tip I can share for remote working is designating a nice bright place to work and when your work-day is over unplugging from that space.”
  10. “Invest in good lighting and a nice chair.”
  11. “Get up from the workstation at least once an hour and take a few steps around the house or outside. It clears your mind.”
Hopefully, by now, you’ve figured out what works best for you. And remember that you might need to shake up your routine occasionally and try something new. Sometimes the routine is too, shall we say routine.