Look at Your Procurement Team to Test Your Corporate Culture

By Adam Kuritzky, Vice President, Sales - Private Sector, Proactis

This exercise will only take a minute of your time, but it will be very enlightening and aid in building awareness of your team's real value. Ask yourself the following... 
  • Executive Support: Is your C-Suite truly in support of and aligned with your Procurement team’s goals? Have those goals been communicated to the key business unit leaders of your organization? 
  • Resources: Is your Procurement team appropriately funded to accomplish your goals? Or is the support a verbal platitude with no additional support?
  • Goals: Are your Procurement team’s goals in line with your overall corporate strategy? Are the goals aligned with each business unit? 
  • Respect: Do the business units respect and follow procurement’s protocols? Or do they creatively find ways to circumvent the process? If so, why? Does procurement seek to understand each business unit’s individual needs?
  • Transparency: Is the procurement process readily visible to the broader organization? Are the reasons for how procurement decisions are made in the requisition to payment process easy to understand? Is there a perception that information is hidden, or initiatives are not taken because of procurement roadblocks (whether those are real roadblocks or not)? 
  • Communication: Is there ongoing communication between procurement and your business units to work through solutions? 
Many, if not all, of the above are symbolic of an organization's culture and the potential roadblocks that you might need to work to overcome.

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