A Checklist for Finance Leaders

When you start a new role as a Finance leader, the first step you must take is understanding the exact position of your company. Doing this will ensure that when you do make big "game-changing" decisions you’re maximizing everyone’s effectiveness, as well as establishing your credibility within the organization.

The bulk of your first 100 days should be spend identifying how processes are run, what your team does, and learning the numbers.  Here are four items you’ll want to include you in your review:
  1. What you are spending.
  2. Who your suppliers are.
  3. Risk identification.
  4. A walk-through of your processes.
You can't do everything in your first 100 days, but the one thing you must do is lay the groundwork. It's easy to get bogged down by the minute detail of every task, but taking these steps and establishing your position will increase the effectiveness of your work:  
  • Where your finances are.
  • Where they need to be.
  • What needs to change to get there.
  • How you'll make those changes happen.
We have created a quickfire checklist to help you with the process - download it here.