KPIs to drive
Accounts Payable

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Tracking Accounts Payable KPIs helps your organization identify weak process points, bottlenecks and operational inefficiencies. They help the AP team to continuously measure performance against key business objectives and sets the target for continuous improvement.
We’ve compiled the most important KPIs for accounting departments, based on:

Number of invoices processed per day.
Number of invoices processed without reconciliation.

KPIs to drive Accounts Payable performance

  • Average cost per invoice to process (e.g. low invoice/FTE ratio)
  • Average days to process an invoice
  • Average time to approve an Invoice from receipt to payment
  • Electronic invoices as a % of total received
  • Average number of incorrect payments (wrong price, not received, duplicate, missed, reconciled returns, etc.)
  • Opportunity for human error
  • Exception Invoices as a % of the Total
    • Number of Invoices requiring Supplier reconciliation
    • Number of Invoices requiring Client reconciliation
  • Discounts captured as a % of discounts offered
  • Rate of supplier inquiries
Managing these KPIs may seem like a tall order…but it doesn’t need to be.

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