Accelerate business


For many organizations, supplier-buyer interaction is manually-intensive and cumbersome, often involving high transaction and administrative costs. Limited access to accurate, up-to-date information makes it difficult for each party to handle their side of a transaction and can represent a huge strain on resources. It can also be very frustrating for each party, making it hard to “do business”.


With Proactis you can fully leverage the power of the cloud to streamline business processes - a single, easy to use, secure network that connects suppliers and buyers with streamlined electronic communications across virtually every point of engagement. It puts you directly in front of potential new customers and makes it easier for existing customers to buy from you within their systems. It gives you visibility of new opportunities, speeds up your ability to deliver quotes and proposals, and enables you to receive orders and send invoices electronically, with 24x7 access to invoice payment status.

Proactis capabilities:

  • Online 24x7 access to all open purchase orders and current status of invoices.
  • New options for how you submit invoices to your buyers.
  • New options for early payment.
  • The ability to keep key information buyers have about you up to date.
  • Gain more ways to take control of your cash flow.
  • Standards-based integration with back-end business systems.
  • Master data synchronization with internal and trading partner systems.
Supplier Network Faster, easier and more cost effective interaction and commerce