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Effectively defining the buying need and selecting the right supplier is critical for an organization that wants to reduce both cost and risk. But whether it's for a one-time capital equipment purchase or service contract, or for ongoing supply of frequently used goods or services, the sourcing process can be complex and time-consuming.


Proactis helps to streamline and standardize sourcing processes to improve Procurement capacity and achieve best value. Sourcing events can be performed in a fast, consistent, successful manner by either functional departments or Procurement in a fraction of the time. And in some categories, the ability to perform frequent, effective eAuctions can drive even greater savings.

Proactis Sourcing capabilities:

  • Increase the scope of Procurement-led strategic sourcing for goods and services.
  • Expand the range of potential suppliers with more frequent competitive bidding.
  • Improve supplier relations due to transparent, efficient selection processes.
  • Achieve consistent compliance with regulatory requirements and guidelines.
  • Reduce administrative costs and lost productivity.

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