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Reverse Auction Services

Proactis provides managed reverse auction services to fully support your needs. Below is a small sample of the over 1500 categories we have experience sourcing and where we can help your organization generate cost savings:

  • Food & Beverage - Retail & Foodservice
  • Indirect & Operational Supplies
  • Packaging
  • Facilities Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Logistics - Land & Ocean Freight
  • Construction - Materials & Services
  • MRO - Materials & Services
  • Advertising
  • Office Supplies
  • Medical Supplies
  • Real Estate
  • IT - Equipment & Services
  • Much more.

Our reverse auction managed service consists of the following reverse auction process workflow, implemented by our experienced sourcing staff:

Proactis guides you across the entire Managed Auction process

  • Identify and clearly define spend category & sub-categories
  • Collect data to identify buying patterns
  • Identify goals - cost savings, new suppliers, new product offering or cost avoidance, or a mixture
  • Identify and shortlist suppliers

Proactis currently has over 30,000 trained suppliers and access to thousands more.

  • Buyers - identify Procurement team members involved in the sourcing event and train them
  • Onboard selected participant suppliers and train participants
  • Onboard and train buyer team
  • Finalize sourcing event strategy based on type of event and business goals

The Proactis Account team will make recommendations on the most productive event strategy based on historical results.

  • Schedule the event
  • Determine time frame
  • Type of auction
  • Number of extensions
  • Number of suppliers to invite
  • Ensure supplier accessibility
  • Supplier qualification - RFI document execution (insurance docs, ndas etc.)
  • Starting price strategy
  • Send out supplier invite email
  • Confirm supplier participation
  • Discuss RFQ specs with bidders (questions / clarifications)
  • Send event notification to suppliers and follow up

  • Collect initial pricing and troubleshoot if necessary
  • Train all participants on the use of the sourcing platform
  • Confirm internet connectivity as well as browser compatibility for all participants
  • Provide mock environment that is an exact replica to the live event
  • Provide each participant an opportunity for one-on-one training
  • Confirm access to the platform and understanding of event rules

  • Act as the events administrator
  • Remind suppliers of the event
  • Answer supplier questions prior to and during the event
  • Monitor the supplier activity and status on platform
  • Provide technical support if needed

  • Thank all participants and provide evaluation timelines
  • Create post-event reports - bid analysis, attendance audit and custom reports
  • Follow-up - Vendor feedback, participant feedback, and bid award analysis

Software & Service

Conducting successful web-based reverse auctions often requires specialized knowledge, expertise, and familiarity with the process. Online auctions enable companies to collect the lowest bids from participating sellers. For organizations implementing e-Auctions for the first time or lacking internal resources, Proactis provides the necessary blend of software and services for conducting successful e-Sourcing events.

A reliable strategic sourcing services team provides access to category-specific experts, along with technology and recommendations needed to keep your sourcing and supply chain running smoothly and competitively. Proactis provides services for fully managed e-Auctions for both, the public and private sectors.
The key components of executing a successful online auction are: 
  • Accurate Specifications
  • Inviting the right qualified suppliers
  • Structuring the event optimally
  • Properly executing the event
Additional resources, support and expertise will help you streamline your procurement and gain greater value from your supply chain. By partnering with the right managed sourcing partner, you’ll see repeatable and sustainable results much more quickly than with a traditional approach to Sourcing.

Proactis provides "per event" pricing as well as package pricing. Connect with us to learn more about how Proactis can be your full service partner for conducting online auctions.


Online RFIs, RFPs and RFQs | Managed

Qualify new suppliers quickly and easily, create simple or extensive RFPs and compare supplier quotes.

  • Automate your RFI, RFP and RFQ processes to free up time and ensure improved profitability.
  • Create Request for Proposal (RFP) easily, using a questions repository.
  • Create pages, sections, sub-sections.
  • Support for various question types (File upload, Free text, Custom Fields etc.).
  • Release addendums and automate supplier notification.
  • Secure login for suppliers and supplier acceptance sign-off for terms and conditions.

  • Set RFP deadlines and late notices.
  • Automate the process of supplier evaluation by using the dedicated RFI scoring feature.
  • Enable auto or manual scoring.
  • Advanced reporting and document download tracking by each supplier.
  • Convert to a real-time reverse auction for RFQ finalists.
  • Save time with RFQ automation and ditch the manual processes of receiving bids or price quotes.
  • Automate the entire sourcing process with a secure and faster way to collect supplier information and bids.

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