The real world is full of challenges. The trick is to simplify the complexities while at the same time addressing them. The key to long-term success is the agility to respond smoothly as things change. Real world Spend Control that consistently delivers bottom-line value requires solutions that are easy to deploy, easy to use, easy to manage and easy to scale. Simple – yes, but simplistic – no.
A carefully crafted core framework can make technology solutions simple, without making them simplistic. It can make them largely self-managing and highly adaptable to change. And it can make them some of the most successful Spend Control solutions in the world.
Interrelated design concepts and components that, taken together, represent the essential building blocks of our solutions. The comprehensive, cloud-based framework that makes our solutions easy to deploy and use. The flexibility that enables them to 'fit you like a glove' today and grow with you over time. The unified power that so uniquely positions you to deliver rapid, sustained bottom-line results.
Spend Control is a people process first and foremost. That's why we've put a lot of thought into how to make life easier for everyone involved – employees, managers, procurement professionals, finance specialists, executives, even suppliers. Every interaction is intuitive, productive, mobile, tailored and personalized. The information that's needed is always at hand. It just feels natural. When it's fast and easy, people actually enjoy the experience of getting what they need and doing their work the right way.
Processes run like a well-oiled machine. From daily workflows to complex sourcing projects, your organization 'hums' along each day with standardized, repeatable, transparent processes that are done the right way every time. Collaborative, cross-functional activities are automatically kept on track from start to finish. And they adjust on the fly as peoples' availability, roles and locations change.
Things just get done – and get done quickly.
Things also get done properly. That's because all processes are governed by embedded corporate and regulatory compliance managers. For all your financial, buying, sourcing process and supply chain policies, you set the rules and let things run. You can be confident that when it comes to how your organization buys things and works with suppliers, policy and regulatory compliance is built into all you do.
Accurate, up-to-date supplier and contract data provide the foundation for your entire Spend Control process. Central repositories become your 'single source of truth' to drive improved performance throughout your business. And they become practically self-managing as they continually check themselves. Is it time for a review? Is an expiration coming up? Has the supplier re-confirmed key information lately? Actions are taken automatically or the right person is alerted. Master data will never again be duplicated or stagnate.
Electronic activity flows all day, every day. You have thousands of transactions active at any given time. Of course you have full visibility of your upcoming 'spend pipeline' and spend history, but how do you glean the important, actionable insights from it all? And how do you detect when something isn't right? With AI-infused, predictive analytics and sensors, you can look at your enterprise-wide spend from any angle and get alerts when activity indicates a potential process problem or even fraud. You don't have to search for the needle in the haystack – it will find you.
You exchange a LOT of transactions with your suppliers. The more you transform paper and email into automated electronic transactions, the more efficient you become. But you have so many different kinds of suppliers – large and small, high volume and low, domestic and international. No one way of automating works for all. Fortunately, you have many different ways to exchange transactions so you can adapt your methods to match any situation or supplier capability.
You know that working with your suppliers is about more than just transactions. It's about timely outreach, effective information sharing and integrated business processes that make working together easier and less costly for both you and them. Numerous automated, collaborative and self-service supplier interaction capabilities are built into the fabric of your applications to help make you and your supplier community a well coordinated team. It's not an afterthought – it's a fundamental part of the design.
Your Spend Control process is connected with everyone and everything that surrounds it. Your people connect to it from anywhere, anytime using virtually any device – there's no real distiction between working in the office, in the field or from home. Your eProcurement systems share information seamlessly with your financial and operational systems. And your suppliers connect with you using a cloud-based network designed specifically to make it easier to do business. Forget time and space limitations – they don't exist anymore.
A few things you can count on in the coming years – your supplier base will become more global, your organizational structure will evolve (in expected and/or unexpected ways) and commerce factors like taxation rules will change on a regular basis. But it's OK – you can configure and re-configure to support all of these things. Move to multiple business units, aquire a company that uses a different ERP system, set up operations in another country, centralize or devolve procurement. You have the agility to handle the big changes with ease.
You may surprised how quickly and confidently you can be up and running. We've packaged years of customer experience into a series of templates and tools that give you a big head start and take the guess work out of deployment. We also offer enrichment packs like connections to valuable sources of external information and capabilities to enrich your supplier data and keep a constant watch on potential risk. We've seen a lot and we have a good idea what you need to get off to a fast start and operate at top efficiency.
Built with a solid Core Framework, the Proactis Spend Control and eProcurement suite is ready for any situation you throw at it. Start small – grow big. Start big – grow bigger. Start anywhere – expand everywhere. Enhance your spend culture – blend in with your enterprise systems. Take advantage of proven solutions refined by some of the best and brightest finance and procurement professionals in organizations around the world. Take advantage of the flexibilities of the framework to add in your own best practices. Make the most of your unique real world.

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