US pizza outlet uncovers value across its sourcing processes using Proactis Sourcing Services

5 November 2018 - Proactis, the global spend management and B2B eCommerce company, today announced that a large US pizza brand has selected Proactis to scale its internal Procurement team and centralize its sourcing activities.

The organization was looking to consolidate its sourcing processes by centralizing all procurement activities and selected Proactis Sourcing Services, initially on a Pilot programme, to filter all procurement requirements through a central team.

The small Procurement team was facing a number of challenges, particularly with some buyers not making the most of pre-approved, best value prices from approved suppliers. Working with Proactis Sourcing Services has consolidated purchase categories, and ensures best value with every purchase.

The team is now able to leverage Proactis’ resources and expertise to supplement its limited resources, and all purchases are now run through the Procurement team. The Pilot events delivered savings, but the real benefit has been the ability to off-load supplier research onto the Proactis Sourcing Services team, saving the Procurement team valuable time.

“Creating opportunities to generate value and savings in the food service industry is vital,” said Len Kaplan, Vice President Managed Sourcing Sales at Proactis. “Proactis can scale internal Procurement teams with our experts to uncover additional savings and value.”
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