Business as usual - Managed Sourcing Services

In challenging times, effectively defining your buying needs and selecting the right supplier is critical. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation is a timely example. It is impacting individuals and organizations across the globe, with many facing economic uncertainty, strained supply chains, diminished demand or vastly reduced inventory. As we are seeing, the negative impact of global events on an organization’s financial position or reputation is potentially huge, even devastating.

The current situation is creating new challenges for businesses with sourcing requirements including increased demand for certain commodities or a need to locate a new supplier for certain items.

Many organizations have decided that, given resource limitations and needing to expand their supplier relationships, outsourcing key functions that reduce the level of complexity within the core business is the best route forward.

Using a dedicated sourcing specialist, or simply adding to your existing capacity, provides the security you need at times such as these. Helping your team – to plan and execute online sourcing events every day – for items that might be difficult to buy with your current suppliers – can ensure that you are maintaining a level of supply, while achieving maximum savings.

With the right service, you are guaranteed efficient projects, faster turnaround times and reduced risk, with the established providers being flexible and more cost-effective than hiring specialist staff. This will enable your team to focus on more important strategic, “business as usual” activities in order to obtain the maximum possible return from your sourcing projects. If the critical activity of researching additional sources of supply seems like a time-heavy, resource-intensive activity, it doesn’t have to be. A dedicated Managed Sourcing Service can get shelves stocked back up, help get quick quotes for urgent products or freight, or even provide access to limited products.

Looking to build up your local supply chain, so that you are not relying on goods and services from other parts of the world, is now key. There are a number of partners available to help you find the “right” suppliers – even at a local level. Companies such as Proactis provide the tools, expertise and services needed for more local business transactions and communication with suppliers, to make transactions faster, easier and more efficient for both you and your suppliers.

Minimizing the effects of the current situations and challenges to the supply chains will largely depend on the processes that businesses put in place. While “business as usual” may seem a long shot, it’s certainly not impossible with the right planning and support.

With Proactis, it is possible.

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