Catalog Management

Before beginning your "assessment", let's outline the scope of what is being covered in this area. For the purposes of this exercise, we are defining the catalog management process as follows:
The process of managing and updating a content-rich supplier catalog repository with consistent information, classification, search capabilities, and information display across all suppliers.
  • Publishing and maintenance of new supplier catalogs.
  • Management of a comprehensive range of suppliers and items.
  • Purchasing integration: extensive search and item comparison (provision of rich content, classification and indexing etc.).
  • Supplier self-service maintenance to make the process easy without losing internal control.
  • Management of content including change management processes and access controls.
  • Synchronization of catalog items and prices with current contracts.
  • Minimized administrative time and effort for procurement.

Note: supplier web site punch-outs and PCards are also good techniques where available and appropriate.