Over 25 years of controlling spend

Proactis is over 25 years old, and we are tremendously proud of. For over a quarter of a century, organizations all over the world have used our solutions to control their spend and transform their procurement and finance operations.
A lot has changed since 1996, when Proactis was founded. The internet was still in its infancy (it would actually stop working if you answered the phone), phones were solely made for making calls, and social media was talking face-to-face with another person about a newspaper article. It’s safe to say that society, and technology, have come a very long way.

Celebrating 25 years of controlling spend
Celebrating 25 years of controlling spend

Proactis has always been at the forefront of this continuous evolution. From complete cost pipeline visibility, to guided-buying and machine-learning, and compliance controls to early payment functionality we have continued to innovate and listen to the needs of the market. And we will continue to deliver solutions that provide our customers with the most intelligent, transparent and best value solutions available.

We have encountered many challenges over the years, but customers have been at the core of everything that we do. Customer success is everything to us, and this is reflected by the number of satisfied customers we have helped over the years – including a number of customers that have been with us from the start – across thousands of public and private sector organizations.

Procurement and Finance leaders are increasingly being called on to guide their businesses through turbulent market conditions, and our anniversary hits at an important time for many businesses. Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, disrupt supply chains, and increase financial pressure on organizations everywhere. There is clear focus on diversity and inclusion, creating more urgency around supplier diversity, ethics, and human equity. All while climate change, economic uncertainty, political tensions, and other global issues are putting organizations under pressure to look at the way they source, purchase and sell.

These are developments that we are already focussed on, and able to provide solutions to assist. In fact, we are already looking to the next generation of technology and goals which will ensure that our offer will always reflect the needs of our customers.

A huge thank you to the entire Proactis community – colleagues, customers, partners, family and friends. Your continued support has been vital in helping us get to where we are today.