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Transforming your business processes? 
8 varieties of low-hanging fruit that 
organizations easily overlook

If you don’t take a fresh look at spend management, you could fall short of the very goals you’re trying to achieve. This paper is all about spend management opportunities that are easily overlooked and how they can help to energise business transformation.

The Proactis eRecovery 

Against the backdrop of trying to navigate the post-pandemic era, Proactis has undertaken research to explore how digital transformation is being used as a tool to help businesses improve their capabilities.
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Perform a customized assessment of
your Source-to-Contract process:

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The Proactis Procurement process 
challenges checklist

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Joining forces to drive 
compliance, improve budgeting 
and manage vendors

The relationship between your Finance and Procurement functions can hep you to drive compliance, improve budgeting and manage vendors. Learn the 5 fundamental questions to better leverage the relationship between finance and procurement...

Supplier Risk Management: 
Do you really have the right level 
of visibility to minimise risk?

Supplier risk management cannot be seen as just a one-time or periodic event. It must be built into your organisation's ongoing supplier interaction in order to be effective. Read this paper to learn about the key elements of an effective supplier risk management system.
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