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Customer Testimonials and Proactis Overviews

Trudy Heasman, Head of Transaction Processing, explains how Bauer Media automated purchase ordering and invoice processing. Proactis provides full visibility of the cost pipeline and has so far resulted in a 75% AP cost reduction.

Hear from Chris Cassidy, Finance Director of logistics company, P&O Ferrymasters Ltd on how they've achieved a 20% efficiency increase in the processing of 650,000 invoices per year through the use of Proactis.

Hear from Ian McKee, Assistant Director of Finance at University of Sussex talk about how Proactis Source-to-Contract, Marketplace and Invoice Capture, integrates seamlessly with the University’s Finance system.

Hear how a range of Proactis customers have recouped vast amounts of wasted time, talent and cash using spend management and eCommerce solutions.

An overview of how Proactis helps organizations address their Source-to-Pay challenges, including strategic finance and procurement.

Why Customers use Proactis Managed Services - including helping organizations that don't have space/capacity to grow their AP team.

Can Accounts Payable be turned into a revenue center?

In this webinar, Gary Simon, CEO of The Modern Finance Network, and Ilija Ugrinic, UK Market Director at Proactis, discuss how realistic it is to turn Accounts Payable into a revenue center.

Next Generation Finance and Procurement: The Future is Agile

In this special panel discussion, industry experts Chris Argent, Chris Doxey, Ilija Ugrinic and Jenny Draper explore the future of Finance and Procurement. 

Detecting and Preventing
Fraud in your P2P process


Here, Chris Doxey (Internal Controls and Risk Management Consultant at Doxey, Inc.) and Jan Van Der Pouw (Digital Transformation Director at Proactis) explore the potential risk of fraud within the Purchase-to-Pay process.

How Technology is Reshaping
the Role of Finance


Here,'s Chris Argent explores the future role of Finance, how technology has impacted the in-demand role of Finance business partnering and the new and emerging roles in Accounting and Finance.

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