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Purchase-to-Pay: Get full visibility
and a handle on how your organization
really buys goods and services

This guide provides a practical way to get started in the pursuit of savings from Purchase-to-Pay:
  • Get a handle on how things are done today and identify where opportunities lie.
  • Develop a vision of how to address problems and opportunities.
  • Learn how a good P2P solution can help you do it better, faster and cheaper.
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Accounts Payable: How to
dramatically cut costs and improve
invoice processing efficiency

This guide provides a detailed overview of the challenges associated with invoice processing:
  • An outline of the goals you should realistically have for invoice processing automation.
  • A clear picture of what invoice processing automation looks like and the goals you should have.
  • A practical step-by-step approach to achieving invoice automation.
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Next Generation P2P:
Transforming P2P into a strategic
spend management linchpin

This guide makes the case that the route to maximum agility across Source-to-Pay sits with P2P as the 'strategic linchpin' and outlines: 
  • Why P2P is the centrepiece to the Source-to-Pay process.
  • How it can enable value across it all.
  • The journey from a place of manual processes to accelerated value.
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Perform a customized assessment of
your Spend Management processes:

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A step-by-step guide to
invoice automation

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Spend Management
for CFOs

Spend Management is a set of structured business processes that dramatically increase the management and visibility you have over what your organization spends for all types of goods and services. This guide provides answers to your top 10 questions about why CFOs should invest more time in spend management, and how to do it.

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Get a handle on how 
your organization really buys

Every executive must be looking for ways to streamline the organization – especially CFOs and other senior financial managers. There is no such thing as “business as usual”. This guide establishes the 5 fundamental questions every CFO should ask about their organization’s Purchase-to-Pay process in order to drive savings.

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Building a Purchase-to-Pay 
(P2P) business case 

Spend Management is a journey, and for many organizations, one of the first, most important steps of the journey is the deployment of an agile P2P solution. This guide will provide you with a simple, straightforward, step-by-step process to build your organization's business for the deployment of P2P.

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