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With Proactis procurement software you can control the whole buying process - from order request and approval, to order creation and receipt - across all products and services, in one system. You can guarantee that your employees order within the defined procedures, policies and budgets. Regardless of which ordering form you may decide to use, the complete procurement process is covered.

The procurement management dashboard is the central point where every employee can order products and services – or even to request hiring temporary staff. The solution takes the ‘online shopping experience’ for users to the next level, with features such as intelligent search functions helping the user to find the products and services more easily, across catalogs. The software assigns the correct steps in the buying process (guided buying), so that even occasional users can navigate the process themselves, while the order requisition process ensures that orders are placed with contracted (preferred) suppliers and as per the correct conditions (compliance).
With Proactis procurement software you can achieve:
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Full control of your complete operational procurement process.

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Faster approval procedures that are always in accordance with the correct rules and policies.

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Reduced risk of supplier non-conformance and non-compliance.

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Everyone in your organization can place orders, through a user-friendly set-up, from approved supplier catalogs or websites.

Automatically allocate costs

Proactis Procurement will arrange the cost allocation for budgets and invoice processing automatically, from the moment the purchase request is created. You can then allocate cost centers to an individual user (for example, the person placing the order, assistant or budget owner) or to a department. 

Cost accounts can be allocated to individual products and/or categories within a procurement catalog, so when the person placing orders selects a product or catalog, the cost category will be entered automatically.
Procurement - Automatically allocate costs

Approve requests, quickly and accurately

Many organizations overspend millions on procurement management, but with Proactis you have complete control of ordering authorization, stock and budgets to ensure that your employees are ordering within the defined procedures - removing unauthorized agreements.

You can define the approval structure in the software based on product type, cost center and order amount and a flexible workflow ensures that orders are always approved in accordance with the internal procurement rules. The software ensures that all users have insight into the status of their order request.
Procurement - Approve requests, quickly and accurately

Create and book orders, simply

Once the order request has been approved it is converted automatically into an order. The flexibility of the procurement software means that one request can be split into multiple orders, depending on the number of suppliers in the request. 

Each order is given a unique order number that matches the order request and can be linked to your financial system. All orders will be entered automatically at the correct cost account and center.
Procurement - Create and book orders, simply

Consistent assessment of deliveries

You can enter the receipt of (partial) deliveries and (partial) receipts in the system, but you can also register the condition of the delivery. This will ensure that you can keep track of which deliveries are not accurate or fit for purpose.

By determining this data consistently and in full, you will have vital management information to further improve your operational procurement processes.
Procurement - Consistent assessment of deliveries
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