Next Generation Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)

Transforming P2P into a strategic spend management linchpin
Find out why P2P is the centerpiece to the Source-to-Pay process and how it can enable value across it all...

Is P2P ‘the one thing’ that makes everything else more effective?

This guide makes the case that the route to maximum agility across Source-to-Pay sits with P2P as the ‘strategic linchpin’ - covering the key objectives in finance transformational projects:

  • Visibility and control of cost against budgets.
  • Visibility of spend through commitment account.
  • Better cashflow management.
  • Maximum efficiency of spend management processes.
  • Effective use of employee time.
  • Optimized invoice processing.
  • Maximizing the value created by procurement.
  • Minimizing fraud and risk across the supply-chain.
This paper outlines the journey from a place of manual processes to accelerated value, offering tips and advice to maximize the impact of your P2P transformation.
P2P is the centerpiece to the Source-to-Pay process
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