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Hybrid working by Generation CFO:

The impact of Covid-19 on finance and how to excel during such times

Sponsored by Proactis


Flexible working is now a differentiator for staff, and to support remote working, cloud-based solutions are key.

This Generation CFO research, sponsored by Proactis indicates that most employees are transferring to a ‘hybrid working’ model, with P2P and Spend Management prominent areas of discussion. While the pandemic has not had a significant impact on these processes, in many cases it has exposed existing inefficiencies which result in high levels of manual intervention and risk of error. 

Tasks such as raising and tracking orders/expenses, authorisation, receipt of supplier invoice/expenses, matching and posting to the ledgers lend themselves to digitisation and automation to some degree, but organisations are still failing to digitise these core tasks.

If we are to accept that the hybrid working approach is here to stay, how do we deal with the transition?

Generation CFO Report
Learn about the impact of Covid-19 on finance and how to excel during such times: