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Supplier Risk Management: How to Tackle Non-Performance & Non-Compliance

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Webinar  |  14 December 2021  |  15:00 GMT

With more eyes on procurement departments than ever before, managing supplier risk is a top priority for procurement and finance professionals. But, with such a diverse range of suppliers, sub-contractors, and risks, how can organisations proactively work to mitigate the chances of damage caused by supplier non-performance, non-compliance or changing viability?

In this webinar, Richard Leslie will explore how a robust Supplier Management solution will give your organisation the necessary level of visibility to determine how both supplier and contract information is collected, stored, and managed – detailing where to identify critical elements of supplier risk management, allowing you to reduce risk, enact positive change and drive cost savings.

Join us to find out how to minimise the chances of damage caused by:

  • Events that cause disruption to the availability of supplier service and result in greater substitution costs.
  • Unanticipated changes in pricing and availability for products/services can impact margin and costs, etc.
  • Supply chain activity that adversely impacts the public perception of the product/service and results in sales loss or adverse PR.
  • Unchecked contract auto-renewals which lock organisations into costly and cumbersome agreements.
  • Duplicate agreements and missed opportunities for volume-based savings.
  • Lack of proper controls to ensure suppliers/sub-contractor are fully compliant and of the right calibre.

About The Speaker:

Richard has worked in the area of eProcurement and Strategic Supplier Relationship Management for the past 16 years, and joined the Proactis family as a result of a Proactis strategic acquisition back in 2016. Richard has helped over 300 clients get the best from their suppliers, helping them improve margins without affecting the quality of the services they provide to their external stakeholders.

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