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Accelerated Payment Facility - bePayd

Helping businesses to generate financial benefit

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Unlock hidden opportunities

  • Potential to deliver a range of untapped benefits for your organisation.
  • Reduce the cost to serve smaller suppliers
  • Focus on strategic suppliers.
  • Support continuity of supply.
  • Enhance supplier data.
  • Deliver a strong CSR message by supporting your suppliers.


We have the solution

With bePayd, Proactis’ Accelerated Payment Facility, you can offer your suppliers the opportunity to receive early payments in exchange for a small discount.  This can transform your AP function to deliver real benefits while enhancing supplier relationships by helping them with cash flow – when they need it.

We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.  We reach out to suppliers to explain the programme and benefits, process requests in market leading time and simplicity and deliver early payments on the same day.  This all happens simply and seamlessly with no risk to you or your suppliers.

What you can do
Earn supplier discounts for early payments – when you want to

You decide if, when and to what extent you want to participate in an early payment and discount. When you want to internally finance early payments with your own working capital, you can do so to earn an above market rate of return. When you want to hold your cash, you can do that too – and we will finance the accelerated payment.

Enhance supplier relationships by helping them with cash flow – when they need it

Once registered for bePayd, which takes just minutes, suppliers can decide if they want to take an accelerated payment on an invoice-by-invoice basis. It’s a great tool, offering market-leading simplicity and speed. They can simply accept the proactive offer to be paid (bePayd) in return for a small discount. It is completely flexible and available on an invoice-by-invoice basis. There is no charges or fees, no complicated documents, and cash can be received in just 4 clicks on the same day or next working day. Suppliers will appreciate the flexibility you’ve offered them and you will be “easier to do business with” than ever before.

Just turn it on and watch the income flow 

Proactis' Accelerated Payment Facility, aptly called bePayd, couldn’t be easier. We provide all the technology, day-to-day management and financing. We will even help you reach out to suppliers to explain the benefits, simplicity and speed.

Additional financial benefits, cash generation and great supplier relationships with virtually no effort and no risk at all

With Proactis
you can:

  • Leverage working capital optimization to  realise benefits for you and your suppliers.
  • Obtain strong rates of return on cash generated by your normal spend and your normal AP activity.
  • Provide suppliers with a fast, easy way to access cash.
  • Create new-found flexibility for you and your suppliers for using and obtaining cash.
  • Do all this virtually effort-free and completely risk-free.

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