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Strategic Sourcing

Gain greater value in in your supply chain, in more categories, in less time

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We understand your
strategic sourcing challenges

  • Limited capacity for running competitive sourcing events.
  • Pressure on procurement to deliver more value and more savings in core categories.
  • Finding and involving the right suppliers is resource intensive.
  • Difficulty creating the right online environment and well-orchestrated event.
  • Preparation, focus, skill and experience to get maximum value from your supply chain every time is challenging.

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We have
the solution

With Proactis Sourcing Services you can achieve greater value for all kinds of goods and services in an extensive range of direct and indirect spend categories. By outsourcing to us, we become your dedicated sourcing event specialists, or can simply add to your existing capacity – to plan and execute online sourcing events every day.

Our strategic sourcing services provide well-structured processes built on best practices developed from years of experience. Our proven, full-service approach includes help with every step, from determining the best suppliers to invite, to creating your RFx documents, performing the supplier communication, running the real-time event and evaluating results.

What you can do
Service tailored to your organisation

Proactis will work closely with you to identify your best route to savings through services such as: category discovery and recommendations, program implementation, one-on-one buyer meetings, market, supply chain and industry intelligence gathering, supplier discovery, and more. 

Built on a foundation of sourcing best practices

We can educate your team and all your stakeholders on both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of effective sourcing events through services such as: executive brieļ¬ngs, department overviews, category manager training, vendor participant training and community events. 

Sourcing event services that take the load off your Procurement team

We ensure the success of all types of sourcing events through services such as: sourcing event strategy, sourcing event build and execution, supplier communication, supplier certification, supplier performance scorecards, specification optimisation, sample facilitation, test and QA provisions, and award/non-award notification. 

Clearly measured results

Reporting and scorecards provide objective measurements of sourcing event results through tools and services such as: corporate dashboards, historical analytics, performance summaries, tracking of key metrics, industry comparisons, post-event reporting and analytics, and custom reporting. 

Extend your team with added capacity, specialist strategic services and proven best practices

With Proactis you
can achieve:

  • Savings from more and better agreements across your supply chain.
  • Reduced cost of supplier non-performance and non-compliance.
  • Reduced administrative cost per agreement.
  • Freed-up time to perform more sourcing events.
  • Improved organisational productivity, agility and morale.
  • Improved process compliance and transparency.

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