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Increase on-contract
spend and ensure use
of approved suppliers

Marketplace Services

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We understand
your challenges

  • Ensuring compliance and increasing on-contract purchases.
  • Making it easy for employees to find what they need from the right suppliers.
  • Ensuring the correct supplier content, catalogues and websites is accessible from within your Purchase-to-Pay system.
  • Keeping the right supplier websites connected and their catalogues accurate.
  • Freeing-up procurement time and capacity for value-added activities.


We have
the solution

Our managed service ensures the right supplier content, catalogues and websites are always accurate and available. We reach out to target suppliers and assist them with self-service methods. Help suppliers make existing websites punch-out compatible.

Manage application of catalogue updates from suppliers not using self-service. Ensure appropriate catalogue completeness. Co-ordinate catalogue update, approval, publishing, review and expiration activity. And act as primary point of contact for all internal and external catalogues enquiries.

What you can do
Add accurate supplier content quickly

The Proactis Marketplace Service makes supplier catalogues and websites available from within your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system. We can reach out to target suppliers, explain the benefits of providing their catalogues or websites to you in the right formats - and make it happen.

Your suppliers can choose self-service catalogue management or make their existing website punch-outs compatible with Proactis P2P. 

Fill any gaps, enrich content, keep it fresh

You can add breadth and depth to your supplier content. Where suppliers seem unable or unwilling to use one of the self-service methods, we'll take care of their catalogue updates for you - so your staff can always access the best deals. We'll also make sure images, delivery charges, price break discounts and other key details where present, where available and applicable. Working on your behalf, our team will co-ordinate all catalogue updates, approvals, publishing, reviews and expiration activity. We'll also act as the primary point of contact for all internal and external enquiries regarding catalogues, taking the pressure off your Procurement department. 

Everyone gains when the right products are available

It’s simple. Using our Service will enable you to widen the range of goods and services that employees can access via the search capabilities in Proactis Purchase-to-Pay. When it’s easy for employees to find what they need within your P2P system, it's simpler to minimise maverick, non-compliant spend outside your system.

Everyone wins – your employees, your Procurement team, your department managers, and your organisation’s bottom-line. 

Make all approved
supplier goods and
services accessible

With Proactis you
an achieve:

  • Maximised on-contract savings from negotiations.
  • Increased adoption of your Purchase-to-Pay system.
  • Greater employee productivity and satisfaction.
  • Accurate and up-to-date prices and descriptive information and content.
  • More time for your Procurement team on value-added activities.

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