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Implement better 
processes to significantly 
improve bottom-line results

Implement and Improve

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Adopt and Succeed

Proactis goes beyond just automating the way things are done today to establish new, better processes that significantly improve organisational performance and bottom-line results.

Our solutions enable executives to dramatically improve the way their entire organisation operates by instituting proven best practices, streamlining business processes and improving controls.



Our approach

Only Proactis combines the full range of capabilities you need to streamline the entire process with the intuitive, easy-to-use design you need for organisation-wide adoption, and the built-in deployment flexibilities you need to make it fit seamlessly within your unique organisational, operational and systems environment.


Flexibility to fit any organisation

We understand every organisation is different, but at the same time no one really wants to develop or maintain custom software in today’s world – that’s why we’ve built our solutions to be highly configurable and workflow driven, with a multi-organisational design that can support any organisational structure you have today, or may have in the future. 

Integration with existing business systems

We know you can only utilise our solutions if they effectively co-exist with your existing financial and operational systems – that’s why we’ve built our solutions to be “agnostic” towards surrounding systems, with a framework for smooth integration with whatever systems you have in place today or in the future. 

Multiple deployment options

We understand you want solutions that fully leverage the capabilities and price-performance of today’s rapidly evolving computing environments, and you want to license them in ways that effectively match their cost to their value – that’s why we offer a choice of cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid deployment options, as well as subscription-based, perpetual, and hybrid licensing options. 

A solid technology foundation

We know you require a high level reliability, scalability, and security for a mission-critical system such as eProcurement – that’s why our solutions are built on proven, enterprise-class Microsoft.NET technology that offers the systems foundation you require regardless of whether you deploy our solutions on-premise or in the cloud. 

A unique combination of
both the software and the approach to help you solve your problems and realise your vision

Delivering greater
bottom-line value


Although we ultimately help customers use our solutions to automate, streamline, and standardise the many different activities involved in Spend Management, our approach is based first and foremost on understanding and improving business processes. The technology is an essential ingredient, but it is not the full solution. We offer a unique combination of software and services to deliver greater bottom-line value.
Our service

The results we help our customers achieve come from a combination of both the software and the approach we take to helping them solve problems and realise their vision. 
Rapid Assessment

We understand that we need to “diagnose” before we “prescribe” – that’s why we always start by making sure we understand your environment before we recommend particular solutions. Our assessment process is based on asking basic questions about things like your spend volume and categories; number of suppliers, contracts, POs and invoices; company, Procurement and AP staff levels; organisational structure and locations; systems environment; and most importantly, your immediate and long-term goals.

We go about doing this in a rapid, practical manner in order to help quickly kick-start your program. 

Focus on biggest opportunities

We recognise that any important undertaking needs to start with efforts that provide quick, meaningful results. Once we have a clear picture of your environment and goals, we work with you to identify your biggest opportunities for savings and help you develop a plan to realise those savings. We focus on actions that will return the greatest ROI in the least time.

We recommend Proactis solutions and services that will most directly address your goals. We outline the deployment and licensing options, and help you choose the approach that best fits your financial and technical needs. We help you set clear, measurable objectives so we all know when we’ve achieved success. And we help you get the job done with whatever resources you need to complement your team. 

Incremental improvement

We know from experience that gaining effective spend management is a journey that takes time. But we also understand that few organisations today want to undertake monolithic multi-year projects that don’t yield results until “year x”.

That’s why we work with you to identify incremental steps that each deliver measurable results within less than one fiscal period. Ideally, each step in turn funds the next. 

A flexible view to the path of best practice

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a high level of spend management performance. That’s why we never lose sight of that objective. But we also recognise that there is no one way to get there. If your vision is to build a comprehensive approach to spend management around integrated Proactis solutions tied to your core financial systems, we are ready to help you do that.

But if you just need a small subset of our solutions to fill holes in your existing eProcurement framework, we are also happy to help you do that. In either case, we are prepared to work with you as closely as you want us to, and at the pace that best suits your needs.