Spend Control for Transport and Logistics

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The transport and logistics sector is showing signs of recovery, but cost savings and efficiency improvements are key

Ever-changing market conditions require new and sustainable operational models which guarantee improved spend management and continuity. Strong procurement and financial processes start with control of your business spend, activities and people.

In general, freight prices remain a critical point because, although volume is possibly growing, margins are usually under pressure.

Operators in transport and logistics are increasingly operating across regions, and the flow of goods is on an international basis. This makes the entire supply chain process much more complicated. Specialisation and quality are essential in order to remain competitive in this new market. Choosing the right spend management solution is vital.

When margins are minimised, cost control and efficiency improvement make all the difference

Your income may be under pressure, so managing your operational costs is critical to your business. Ensure that you have full visibility and control of your costs and business spend. Choose a solution to structurally reduce these costs while maintaining the quality standards you have set.

With Proactis you can ensure that you have full control, and visibility, of your complete procurement and invoicing processes. This will open up numerous opportunities to not only reduce costs, but also better manage spend across your organisation. Leading logistics service providers have been able to realise important cost savings through deployment of Proactis solutions.

We’ve teamed with leading transport and logistics companies to make it happen:

Spend Management solutions and tools for Transport and Logistics

Roll Group achieves full control of expenditure with ‘straight-through processing’ of invoices

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Roll Group achieves full control of expenditure

Hoyer Group achieves procurement savings through its Source-to-Contract processes with Proactis

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Hoyer Group achieves procurement savings through Source-to-Contract
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