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Property Management companies are going through massive change as demand continues to outstrip supply, property portfolios become more diverse, new regulations are introduced, shifting social policies, increasing interest rates and budgets are under mounting pressure. For example, Eurostat has revealed that while the average EU cost of construction for new residential buildings only rose by 13% in the decade from 2011 to 2020, in the two years since then it has increased by 20%. 

Supply of labour and the materials needed to increase the build-rate has been affected by the pandemic and energy and fuel markets, the upward trend of inflation has led to higher than anticipated procurement costs and increasingly ambitious targets in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability are placing further pressure on these organisations.

Your procurement and finance decisions play a pivotal role as to whether your organisation can meet the rising expectations of tenants, communities, employees, stakeholders, funding organisations and regulatory authorities.

Property Management company CBRE Ltd. increases value with Proactis spend management

“It’s no small feat to establish a single procurement system that enables us to manage over 5,000 different properties as separate entities. But in doing so, we now have one of the best spend control systems in our business. We believe Proactis gives us the perfect platform to ensure that we are at the forefront of delivering both value from procurement and control of expenditure management.”

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Property Management company CBRE Ltd. increases value with Proactis spend management
Additionally, many purchases are initiated by on-site personnel, such as orders with contractors and maintenance supplies, often resulting in increased risk of out-of-contract spend and use of unapproved suppliers, often across disparate, fragmented systems. And with renovation projects relying on reliable supplies of goods and services, not only does management of supply chains dictate the success of such projects, Property and Facilities Management companies process thousands of time-consuming and labour-intensive operations.

The trouble is, traditional operating models cannot cope with so many fast-moving pieces. So, it's no wonder that innovative strategies, fresh operating practices and new technologies are gaining traction with forward-thinking executives.

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) for Property & Facilities Management: Get a handle on how your organisation really buys goods and services

Download this guide for a practical way to get started in the pursuit of the savings that are found in the P2P cycle for most organisations. Specifically, it is designed to help you:

  • Get a handle on how things are really done today.
  • Identify where the savings opportunities lie.
  • Start a dialogue among key managers.
  • Develop a vision of how to tackle problems and seize opportunities.
  • Gain a general view of how a good Procure-to-Pay software solution can help you do that better, faster, cheaper.
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Get a handle on how your organisation really buys - P2P

Take a fresh look at how you manage spend

Construction and renovation projects rely on a constant, accurate and reliable supply of goods and services - a problem that many organisations are encountering at the moment. Now you can gain greater value for money by improving methods for sourcing, purchasing and paying for the wide range of services and products your organisation buys, from tools to heavy-duty building materials. It's now possible to seamlessly manage your supply-chain and contracts, reduce risks, and create more purchasing strength. Up-to-date Supplier performance measurement and risk identification are critical, but possible via the correct system. You can control out of contract spend across the whole organisation via Guided Buying to ensure that all staff get what they need, when they need it, from approved suppliers – at previously negotiated contracts.

With Proactis, you can use new capabilities to run your operations more effectively and affordably. You can respond to market and regulatory changes in a way that drives greater efficiency and compliance within key back-office processes. In addition to cost control, you can provide insight to everyone about the contracts that your association has concluded, all while ensuring that you do not have to deal with unexpected surprises.

British Land transforms its finance processes with Proactis

“We wanted to move towards a solution where we could benefit from a professional, innovative, software developer with a long history of development expertise. We know that with Proactis the solution will move with the times.”

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British Land transforms its finance processes with Proactis
Having visibility and control of cost against budgets via a strong P2P process helps department managers effectively manage budgets by driving value back into your business strategy through planning, forecasting and cost control. Having clear visibility into your “all in” transactional cost will help you make better-informed decisions.

Staff will also be freed up to concentrate on value-add tasks as a strong P2P process, underpinned by well-integrated technology, ensures that the processing of thousands of time-consuming and labour-intensive operations is automated. Straight-through invoice processing and ‘right first time’ invoices are possible with the right software. You can free up time so that you can focus on the things that really matter to you and your tenants, whether that’s building more homes or investing in regeneration programmes.

Proactis provides Spend Management solutions to over 40 leading Property and Facilities Management companies:

Spend Management solutions for Property and Facilities Management

Jones Lang LaSalle implements Proactis, end-to-end from sourcing through to payment

Hear from the Service Development Director, Property & Asset Management at JLL on how implementing the Proactis spend management platform, end-to-end from sourcing through to payment, has enabled them to achieve efficiencies in their working practices and provide a better service to their customers and suppliers.

Control your Property management spend - from source, to pay with Proactis and MRI

MRI and Proactis have been working together across the UK and US to help Property Management companies control spend for several years. Together, our technologies streamline Source-to-Pay processes, helping save money and create efficiency gains while increasing compliance and reducing risk.

The partnership extends the strong position Proactis has established in the property management sector, with several joint MRI and Proactis clients already enjoying the benefits of the end-to-end solution for property and facilities management companies.

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