Spend Control for Professional Services

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Professional service providers recognise the importance of flexible and efficient business processes

And many have realised that there are considerable potential benefits in procurement and finance. 

Professional service providers operate in a highly competitive market, so the ability to control costs, anticipate new market developments using spend intelligence and make the correct strategic choices is vital.

Manpower takes control of spend, with organisation-wide insight into expenditure

"Because we now have more control over orders, we can better control our spending and hold more targeted negotiations with our suppliers."

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Manpower takes control of spend, with organisation-wide insight into expenditure
The digital economy is creating new opportunities in the market for new services and providers. Companies can benefit from increased economies of scale or differentiation through strategic commercial partnerships. In addition, the business community continues to strive for increasing labour market flexibility. This can eventually lead to opportunities for, in particular, employment agencies, secondment agencies and facilities service providers.
Regardless of the choices that you may make, your ultimate goal is a maximum increase in value for the lowest possible risks and costs.

Take control of your spend

A flexible set-up of business processes is important for professional service providers, now more than ever. Cost-cutting on both an operational and strategic level should be a priority. Investing in spend management solutions can help you realise extensive savings. Insight into your costs and control of your spend are possible with a solution that fits in with your situation.
Proactis makes your procurement and invoicing processes more efficient and transparent, ensuring that the costs that are related to your processes are reduced considerably. Leading professional service providers have been able to realise important costs savings by deploying our solutions during the past few years.

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Spend Management solutions and tools for Professional Services
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