Spend Control for Not-for-Profit organisations

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Freeing up more resources for vital frontline activities has never been more important

When it comes to procurement spending and the cost of business transactions, many charities, research foundations and other non-profit organisations are missing out on savings and a wealth of benefits. And this really matters as you try to direct the greatest share of your income into your core activities by reducing the costs of how your organisation operates.

The devolved, disparate nature of the sector brings its own challenges. Many organisations still rely on time-consuming and error-prone manual systems for procurement and oversight. It's often impossible for executives to get an organisation-wide picture of spending, prices, contracts and suppliers. Devolved purchasing of goods and services outside of agreed supplier contracts can lead to greater costs and risks.

Reduce the cost of how your organisation operates

Reduce costs of purchased goods and services without degrading the services you provide. Every penny you save can be spent on frontline services.

Deliver monetary savings, improved operations efficiency, and greater governance and risk mitigation. Effective procurement and spend management can be ingrained and enabled within your organisation’s daily operations with initiatives such as a control framework for the Purchase-to-Pay process, a content-rich marketplace, strategic sourcing events, better management of supplier contracts and relationships, and more.

We’ve teamed with leading Not-for-Profit organisations to make it happen:

Spend Management solutions and tools for not-for-profit organisations

National Trust achieves £30 million savings as part of its procurement strategy transformation

"It’s always been a strong partnership between Proactis and National Trust. When implementing such a powerful solution, one of our biggest fears was just being completely overrun. But Proactis took some of that heavy lifting away from us. With the excellent levels of training available and the constant access to advice and support, it really is a marriage of professionalism."

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National Trust achieves procurement strategy transformation
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