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We understand
your challenges

  • Supplier on-boarding is time consuming for both parties.
  • Supplier qualification is often subjective, providing little visibility of risks.
  • Consistent measurement and evaluation of supplier performance is difficult.
  • Keeping suppliers’ profiles and catalogues up to date is an enormous task.
  • Accounts Payable personnel spend too much time answering supplier questions about invoices and payments.


We have 
the solution

With Proactis you can build and maintain a strong supplier base by structuring and streamlining the entire supplier lifecycle – from initial identification to adoption, approval, transaction and analysis. It helps reduce supplier risk and improve supplier relationships while dramatically reducing administrative effort.

Proactis Supplier Management makes it easy to build and maintain a comprehensive supplier directory and manage the supplier lifecycle by providing web-based tools to support supplier recruitment, qualification, adoption and appraisal.

What you can do
See every supplier all in one place

View every supplier and their goods, services, locations, certifications, specialties and contacts.

The Supplier Directory ensure that suppliers are made available to all your key systems automatically, thanks to finance and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) synchronisation. 

Say goodbye to endless paperwork and reduce risk

Simplify and accelerate how you recruit, qualify and adopt new suppliers. It’s a collaborative, online process that’s fast for you and your suppliers. Intuitive tools let you tailor questionnaires, auto score responses and prioritise suppliers. 

Build relationships without draining your resources

Interact easily and instantly with suppliers using The Business Network, which serves as a platform for a range of procurement applications. Self-service web tools enable suppliers to manage their profiles. They can also quote for jobs, receive purchase orders, upload invoices and check their payment status. 

Keep on top and raise standards

Proactis provides your team with an easy way to monitor supplier performance and risk, using easily customisable electronic questionnaires with automated response summaries. 

Improve supplier
performance and
lower costs

With Proactis you
can achieve:

  • Increased savings from greater capacity for sourcing.
  • Reduced cost of disruptions caused by non-performance.
  • Reduced cost of liabilities caused by non-compliance.
  • Increased savings from lower prices negotiated due to good supplier relationships.
  • Reduced cost of admin support in AP and Procurement.
  • Broader, better rationalised supplier base.
  • Improved supplier management policy compliance and transparency.

Evaluate your performance

Let us help you find your perfect tailored solution
ReThink Value Scan

The ReThink Value Scans are conducted by our most senior management and solutions consultants, who have successfully implemented spend management solutions for numerous companies.

Outcomes and deliverables:

  • In-depth analysis of your company's performance in one or more targeted areas.
  • A recommended strategy for turning goals and objectives into prioritised and achievable implementation initiatives.
  • A roadmap summarising and prioritising process improvements that are recommended to drive project success.
  • Identification of specific and achievable process improvements - linking key performance indicators (KPIs), industry best practices, business processes and software applications.
By submitting this form, you agree to Proactis Holdings PLC and its subsidiaries using your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. To opt in to communications from Proactis, please visit the preferences page.
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