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We understand
your challenges

  • Contracts are often filed in different places, making it difficult to know where to find a particular contract.
  • Distributed contract management leads to duplicate agreements and missed opportunities for volume-based savings.
  • Contract review dates are often missed, resulting in unexpected lapses and unwanted automatic renewals.
  • Buyers have no visibility of contracts leading to purchases being made off-contract.
  • It is difficult to measure contract compliance and risk.

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We have
the solution

With Proactis you can increase the proportion of spend under management and on-contract by providing improved visibility and control of contracts throughout the contract lifecycle, and by ensuring that the organisation consistently utilises them when buying goods and services.

The central electronic repository is for all types of supplier contracts, with links to purchasing systems that make them fully visible to buyers. It automatically collects purchase and delivery activity for analysis of supplier performance and buyer commitments.

What you can do
See everything, instantly

Managing hundreds or thousands of contracts just got easier, thanks to the electronic contract repository. It monitors contract dates and other important details, alerting your team whenever action is needed. It automatically gathers all purchase activity so you can analyse supplier performance and buyer commitments easily.

Schedule key events - and never miss them

Avoid missing contract renewal dates, compliance checks and other important events. The system remembers and alerts you automatically, so every event is addressed at the proper time.

Keep everyone working in harmony

Easily perform regular contract reviews to ensure everything is working as expected. Your team can easily monitor and analyse contract usage and performance – to ensure compliance from suppliers and from within your own organisation.

Make goods and services 'buyable', then bring back the data

Two-way integration between your supplier contract repository and your Purchase-to-Pay system makes contracts visible and available, so your buyers can requisition goods and services without switching systems mid-process. What's more, all purchasing activity against each contract is collected automatically for reporting and analysis.

Gain control and
visibilty across the
entire contract lifecycle

With Proactis you
can achieve:

  • Increased savings from lower prices due to:
    • Greater on-contract spend.
    • Timely re-negotiation before renewal.
    • Better information for contract negotiation and consolidation.
  • Reduced cost of unwanted contract renewals.   
  • Reduced cost of admin support in procurement and Accounts Payable.
  • Increased contract commitment visibility.
  • Reduced risk of supplier non-performance with contract provisions.

Evaluate your performance

Let us help you find your perfect tailored solution
ReThink Value Scan

The ReThink Value Scans are conducted by our most senior management and solutions consultants, who have successfully implemented spend management solutions for numerous companies.

Outcomes and deliverables:

  • In-depth analysis of your company's performance in one or more targeted areas.
  • A recommended strategy for turning goals and objectives into prioritised and achievable implementation initiatives.
  • A roadmap summarising and prioritising process improvements that are recommended to drive project success.
  • Identification of specific and achievable process improvements - linking key performance indicators (KPIs), industry best practices, business processes and software applications.
By submitting this form, you agree to Proactis Holdings PLC and its subsidiaries using your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. To opt in to communications from Proactis, please visit the preferences page.
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