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Streamline sourcing processes
to achieve greater value

Save on direct and indirect spend by freeing up time and reducing non-compliant spend

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We understand your
eSourcing challenges​

  • It is difficult to collect requirements from end users and organise them.
  • Evaluating supplier responses can be paper intensive and time consuming.
  • Preparing for and running fair, effective events is critical.
  • Rules that govern eSourcing and tender processes are constantly changing and complex.
  • It is difficult to define and track sourcing processes.

Download out Infographic: Business as usual - Sourcing in times of uncertainty.

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With Proactis' sourcing software you can obtain best value for the organisation by improving the effectiveness and transparency of both your strategic and tactical sourcing processes, while dramatically reducing administrative time and effort.

Proactis' eSourcing solutions provide a series of flexible, collaborative, and efficient methods for performing effective eSourcing events of all types, including complex tender projects, eAuctions and routine quote-based purchases. It enables a structured, transparent, and easily tracked process from expression of need through to final contract award.

What you can do
Manage sourcing events and eAuction with professionalism and ease

Our eSourcing software makes it easy to define and manage each sourcing event as a project with a sequence of one-time and iterative stages. It's easy to see who 'owns' each activity, where things stand, and when the event will be completed. That way, you can establish consistent, compliant processes for every event.

Read: Extract more savings from your strategic eSourcing initiatives.

Get exactly what you need, every time

The RFx Document Manager helps you collaboratively specify questions and score responses automatically. You can create documents with questions that express precisely what you need and what you need to know about suppliers. It then streamlines the process of publishing them as RFI, RFP and/or RFQs. Finally, it structures and automates the process of scoring responses so procurement can confidently select the right option. 

Get multiple quotes easily for one-off purchases

The Quick Quote functionality offers a fast-track process for well-defined goods and services. It's a fast and easy way to obtain multiple competitive bids from current and prospective suppliers for routine purchases. Our seamless Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) integration enables easy initiation of the Quick Quote process via requests from anywhere in your organisation.

Quick Quotes are one of five proven ways to transform sourcing.

Create a level playing field for competitive bidding

Auction Manager functionality lets you set the stage - then sit back and watch suppliers compete for your business. You can run an openly-competitive bidding process within a time-constrained eAuction. Participants know that the supplier with the best value and/or lowest bid at the end of the process will be awarded the contract.

City of Cardiff Council achieved over £550,000 annualised sourcing savings by utilising reverse eAuction technology.

Work smarter with a consistently effective
end-to-end approach to your sourcing process

With Proactis software
you can achieve:

  • Direct and indirect savings from more and better agreements.
  • Reduced cost of supplier non-performance and non-compliance.
  • Reduced administrative cost per agreement.
  • Freed-up time to perform more sourcing and tendering events.
  • Improved organisational productivity, agility and morale.
  • Improved process compliance and transparency.
  • Better supplier relationships.
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