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Achieve greater control of your spend, on the move

Proactis P2P Mobile App

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All Proactis solutions can be securely accessed via a web browser on just about any device, but some functions are far easier when created specifically for mobile devices.

The Proactis P2P Mobile App allows users of Proactis Purchase-to-Pay to receipt purchase orders and capture expense claims. Managers can receive and issue approvals quickly, checking key details and financial information easily to support their decisions and help budget control. Once alerted, they can approve or reject via their smartphones.

Proactis has consolidated its Approver, Deputy, Receiptor and Expense Capture Apps into a single, easy-to-use, intelligent mobile framework. Connecting once to the App provides access to all four functions.
  • Maximise user adoption by giving users access to approver, receiptor and expense capture functionality - when, how and where they want.
  • Approving requests, acknowledging orders and managing expenses can all be done through the App – without having to log into a different system.
  • Users do not have to log in and out of the App to use the many different features.
  • Managers can approve purchasing requests and expenses at the click of a button, vastly reducing approval cycles; notifications contain all the information commonly needed to decide and act.
  • 100% electronic workflow means the App frees users from paper overload while maintaining complete visibility of requests and approvals.
  • Security – access is provided by a Proactis Purchase-to-Pay token code.
What you can do
  • Streamline the process of approving and rejecting documents, including purchase orders, requisitions, expense claims, invoices, and more.
  • Managers can see document details in a clear format, make informed decisions with budget checking alerts, operate across multi-company operations, and increase productivity with bulk approvals or rejections.
  • Managers can approve or reject all types of staff requests without delay.

  • Managers can delegate approval authority to another person during periods when they will be unavailable such as while on holiday, traveling abroad, in long meetings, etc.
  • Once the delegation is made, all approval requests are sent to the nominated person until approval tasks are re-assumed by the normal manager.
  • A complete audit trail of all activity is maintained.

  • Authorised users can record the receipt of purchase orders at both line and nominal levels, from anywhere.
  • The simple and intuitive interface guides the user to the right order and enables one touch receipt for normal orders as well as easy handling of exceptions like partial receipts.
  • Receipt of products or services from suppliers can be recorded without delay, whether at work sites, at home or wherever the user happens to be.

Expense Capture
  • Employees with access to Proactis Expenses can easily create a list of items that they wish to claim for.
  • Users can then submit a receipt (with image capture) as a quick method of building up an expense claim of items within Proactis Purchase-to-Pay.
  • Clear visibility - users can see their submitted transactions using the App.
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The Proactis P2P Mobile App allows users of Proactis Purchase-to-Pay to receipt purchase orders and capture expense claims.
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If you can’t do it on your phone, it may never get done.
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