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Eliminate wasted time
and expense from your
eInvoicing process

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We understand eInvoing
your challenges

  • Labour-intensive manual input and registration of invoices. 
  • Many suppliers are not technically ready or knowledgeable enough to eInvoice.
  • Those who are have varied electronic formats.
  • The complexity of setting up transaction channels is a barrier to entry for suppliers.
  • eInvoices alone don’t handle the complexity of troubleshooting exceptions.

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100% of your invoices into ready-to-process electronic records

Using a flexible combination of software capabilities and managed services, Proactis enables you to rapidly turn 100% of your invoices into ready-to-process electronic records delivered to Accounts Payable.

You can access everything you need to efficiently handle paper, email and electronic invoices from every type of supplier you work with, from high volume to low, large to small. And over time, you have the flexibility to smoothly transition each individual supplier to the form of invoicing that is most cost-efficient for both them and you.

What you can do
Intelligent document and data capture

Invoice Capture turns paper and PDF invoices into ready-to-process electronic records using advanced OCR scanning technology. It captures a scanned image of the document, extracts all of the key information, creates an electronic record and provides instant access to the electronic image of the invoice. Manual invoice keying is eliminated, the exception resolution process is streamlined and the resulting file of electronic invoice records is ready for automated matching or approval. 

A full range of electronic invoice methods

Further increase efficiencies by completely eliminating the use of paper invoices with any type or size of supplier. You can select the best-fit approach for each supplier, including high volume/ frequent suppliers as well as low volume/infrequent suppliers. These include eInvoice file transfer in various common formats such as cXML or CSV, online supplier self-service direct entry and ‘PO Flip’ invoice submission. 

Import electronic invoice records

System integration tools enable you to automate the import of electronic invoice records captured in any special-purpose external systems you may have so that all invoices are ultimately processed in a common manner. These can be customised to work with just about any external system. 

Streamline and automate
inter-system transactions

With Proactis you
can achieve:

  • Reduced manpower requirements for invoice processing.
  • Improved cycle times with straight-through processing.
  • Increased accuracy of invoice processing.
  • New revenue opportunities from the acceleration of invoice payments.
  • Reduced document storage requirements.

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We are able to help reduce time spent on invoice processing with our managed or self-serve invoice capture solutions. We can digitise 100% of your invoices, regardless of the format you receive them in, allowing you to remain agile to the changing demands on your business. 

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