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Increase flexibility and engage with suppliers to achieve best value

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

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Inject extra functionality, speed and flexibility to your procurement strategy by increasing competition among suppliers to gain best value for key spend categories.

Keep pace with fast-changing requirements. Suppliers can come and go at any time – if they meet certain standards – so you can maintain a fresh supply of appropriate providers.

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The solution

Proactis DPS can be an excellent way of getting better value for money – by ensuring you get the most appropriate provider in the market at any given point in time.

Extending beyond the limits of static framework contracts and rigid sourcing processes, suppliers can join at any time with subsequently accepted providers able to quickly and efficiently respond to the business needs of your organisation.


What you can do
  • Create procurement systems that truly reflect fast-changing local and national marketplaces.
  • Customise processes and requirements to your own standards.
  • Reduce administration - using automation to replace many manual processes.
  • Issue lots quickly, receive tenders rapidly and award contracts faster.
  • Divide contracts into smaller lots for greater savings.
  • Enable suppliers to apply/remove themselves easily and update tenders/capabilities.

DPS - a powerful tool within your procurement strategy

Key benefits:

  • Increase transparency and introduce a 'level playing field' for suppliers of every size.
  • The possibility of smaller, more frequent lots increases opportunity.
  • Control price movements to stay competitive, rather than being locked in for years.
  • Avoid suppliers providing the same basic information repeatedly, saving time and cost.
  • Increase the number of suppliers competing for lots.

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How a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) can be good for everyone
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