Cost pipeline visibility

Proactis applications can be deployed to fit any organisation and business model. Whether it is centralised or it works as a distributed, perhaps multi-national, enterprise. Perhaps the need is for internal control and streamlined processes, or maybe for more efficient electronic communications with suppliers. It might be that access to external catalogues or supplier web-sites is important, or perhaps visibility of internal contracts.

For most organisations a high percentage of inbound invoices are “invisible” to them prior to receipt by Accounts Payable. There is no electronic record of any liability and management has no collective view of corporate exposure. The impact of this is always uncontrolled cash flow, lack of compliance to corporate budgets and a clear risk exposure to the business. Financial control is lacking and corporate governance is threatened. Everyone in the enterprise is at risk when the business is “running blind”. 

Proactis offers a range of capabilities to deliver cost pipeline visibility. These include:

Transaction visibility throughout workflow
From the initial expression of a business need, i.e. the desire to buy, through to the receipt of an invoice from your supplier, there is a need for your organisation to have a view of what costs are coming down the pipeline (in the same way that you want to know what revenue is coming along the sales pipeline!). You cannot plan well for what you are unaware of. With Proactis, everyone from the originator through to senior executives is able to access any such commitments and their process through the transaction lifecycle.

Executive dashboard “vital signs”
Whilst you should know what costs are coming, you should also be able to access those costs through a simple user interface that delivers against your particular scope of responsibility i.e. “what has my department committed to spend on a particular commodity”. Proactis presents such commitments in a clear and concise format that is meaningful to each individual user. Each KPI should present information that gives the user “finger-on-the-pulse” knowledge of what is going on in their domain.

Commitment reporting
Delivering information at one level isn’t enough either. The delivery should also allow users to “drill around” in order to segment the data differently and to return to source transactions and documentation, including the commitments or encumbrances that are not yet in “the books”. Proactis makes it possible to quickly produce a report that outlines total encumbrance and allows a view by area of responsibility, project, spend category, user...and many more!

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