Proactis partners with Cdiscount Pro to further enhance its marketplace

March 2022 - Proactis, the spend management experts, has announced a partnership with the Business-to-Business entity of the French online retail group Cdiscount.

This partnership, which is based on the implementation of a innovative background search, will enable users of the Proactis Marketplace to access all Cdiscount Pro content, within a single environment, without having to switch platforms.

Proactis enables richer content to be offered through the seamless integration of a marketplace that covers the majority of shopping categories, giving users the ability to facilitate their procurement without going through Purchasing - especially for low-value spend.

The decision to collaborate with Cdiscount Pro was predominantly driven by a respect for its values. Cdiscount Pro's quality and CSR charter offers a commitment to their suppliers, but also a fight against over-packaging.

"This partnership gives us the opportunity to present our customers - and future customers - with alternatives to the most well-known public marketplaces. This fully supports our local strategy and makes sense in terms of our positioning," notes Olivier Jung, Director of Proactis France.

"The fact that we are now on the Proactis platform will enable us to reach many more new customers. It will also allow us to develop, gain visibility and notoriety", adds Olivier Crepeau, Marketing Director and B2B offers of Cdiscount.

For further information, here is an article from Republik-achats.