Magnox Limited streamlines and automates invoice processing with Proactis

Proactis, the global spend management company, today announced that Magnox Limited, the management and operations contractor responsible for safely managing 12 nuclear sites in the UK, is using the Proactis Invoice Capture Managed Service to drive process efficiency and cost reduction within invoice processing.

Magnox, owned by Cavendish Fluor Partnership, previously relied on manual paper handling and invoice entry. This time-consuming process has been replaced by a fully automated solution. All invoices are now captured and sent via Proactis to its ERP solution, Unit4 Business World On!. Invoices, regardless of their format – paper or electronic, are handled directly by the Invoice Capture Managed Service, removing the need to scan and key-in invoice data.

If a PDF invoice is sent by email, this is automatically imported - “intelligent” data capture extracts key, defined invoice values and cleanses them for accuracy. When an invoice is not compliant, such as missing or invalid values, Magnox resolves the issue through the web-based query desk, which includes the ability to engage suppliers directly to assist with the resolution. This dedicated process is critical to driving a structured resolution to query invoices.

Carl Jenner of Magnox states: “The Proactis service means we no longer need to handle incoming invoices, irrespective of how they are sent, or the manual entry of information. This frees up staff to focus on more value-add activities and the web based query capability drives further efficiencies for us. The ability to view it from our existing Unit4 system ensures we have instant access to each invoice as we need it and we have welcomed the knowledge and expertise from Proactis, especially as a strategic partner of Unit4.”

The control that comes with automatically capturing, scanning and importing invoices improves the resolution of non-compliant invoices and drives transparency throughout the process, and significantly reduces wasted time and money previously spent on discrepancies.

Magnox is also adopting further solutions from Proactis to assist with the entire Source-to-Pay process. The Procurement team has selected solutions for supplier management, sourcing as well as the electronic marketplace, all integrating seamlessly with Business World On!, helping both Procurement and Finance drive optimum efficiency and effectiveness across the entire organisation.