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David Esseryk from The Originals Hotels talks about digital transformation

We sat down with David Esseryk, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at The Originals, Human Hotels & Resorts, to talk about how the company has undergone a thorough digital transformation process.

Proactis: Why did you need to change?

David: Today in the hospitality industry, the competition is very tough. We are continually competing for new business, so we have to try to exceed the requirements and expectations of each of our 600 hotels. We want to make doing business as easy as possible for each hotel, and this is why last year we looked into implementing a procurement platform to help all our hoteliers make purchasing from approved suppliers much easier and less time-consuming.

Proactis: Your aim was to digitise your purchasing processes across the Group. How did you start this process?

David: We started by going through an extensive selection process for a procurement platform to help our hoteliers to make the right purchases, in an easy way. After a thorough review of the available solutions, we chose Proactis. We wanted to give members access to a unique marketplace, and Proactis were able to demonstrate this functionality.

Proactis: How did Proactis help?

David: When operating in the hotel industry, purchasing isn’t just for food and beverages – it is for everything from cutlery to electricity to insurance. With this in mind we worked with Proactis to create a marketplace that was, and still is, much more than just a procurement tool – it has transformed manual procedures into automated online processes. Authorised hoteliers can now see and order products, can check all products available from authorised suppliers, and can see all the prices online. Orders can then be placed at the click of a button. As the solution is easy to use, it has been seamlessly adopted across the Group.

Proactis: You have recently introduced The Originals Shop, can you tell us a little bit more about this?

David: The Originals Shop is a new service for our company. It’s a service where we provide our hotels with more than 500 different suppliers, all around Europe. We estimate that this service generates today more than 30 million euros every year. Additionally, the basket functionality enables users to keep their preferences, making reordering very straightforward. It’s a really powerful solution!

Proactis: What have been the benefits of using Proactis?

David: With Proactis, we have managed to implement change management processes across our procurement operations. The solution makes the whole purchasing process much easier for our hoteliers and has vastly reduced the time they need to spend on ordering goods and services. I would estimate that, after almost a year, 25% of our turnover is through the Proactis platform. For a Group of our size, this is an excellent result. I am hoping that this is just the beginning, and we can eventually have all our hotels using this platform.