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Make it easy for employees to find and buy what they need from established sources

Proactis helps organisations to efficiently address content (supplier cataloge and websites) management. You can quickly and efficiently put in place:
  • Efficient, well-controlled management of electronic information about specific supplier items and services, including pricing, descriptions and rich multi-media content.
  • A powerful multi-supplier search, display, select and purchase request auto-build capability within your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system.
  • Supplier website ‘punch-out’ capabilities to integrate supplier websites into your P2P system.
Our Marketplace functionality provides a highly structured, efficient, and cost-effective process to:
  • Establish your overall strategy for providing supplier content within your P2P system
    • Supplier catalogues.
    • Supplier contract items and services.
    • Supplier website punch-outs.
  • Outline supplier interaction and enablement processes
    • Supplier catalogue and contract item update procedures.
    • Internal controls.
  • Deploy supporting content management technology
    • Catalogues, contracts and punch-outs.
    • Supplier portal for self-service updates.
  • Deploy employee access capabilities within P2P
    • Employee search and select.
    • Auto-build of purchase requests and orders.
Comprehensive "content" management and access tools
Proactis will put in place the functional capabilities you need to perform all of the start-up activities and implement efficient, well-controlled ongoing supplier catalogue and website management processes. Integrated supplier catalogue and contract items management, website punch-out, and P2P search and select software have several advantages:
  • Comprehensive, best-in-class capabilities.
  • Cloud and/or on-premise deployment.
  • Easily grow into additional areas if desired (e.g. sourcing, supplier management, contract management, electronic trading).
Expert start-up assistance
We will work with you and your team to perform all of the activities needed to establish and implement a comprehensive supplier marketplace and access strategy:
  • Help identify the best methods and tools for various categories and suppliers.
  • Set up supporting technology tools, including dozens of existing website punch-out connections; enhance or add to those connections if necessary.
  • Configure new content review and publishing workflows to support update controls.
  • Guide development of supplier outreach and communications processes, as well as the launch of content search and select capabilities within your organisation.
With guidance from Proactis, your team can:
  • Identify and prioritise target spend categories and suppliers; decide method(s) to be deployed per supplier.
  • Perform supplier outreach and jointly develop content update procedures.
  • Perform employee communication and training for content access, search and select capabilities within your P2P system.
Optional ongoing services
  • Proactis can also work as an extension of your team to:
  • Develop additional supplier website punch-out connections.
  • Manage the supplier catalogue update process.
  • Provide P2P helpdesk services for your employees.
This combination of structure, technology, and professional resources delivers everything you need to get started now, realise rapid results and, most importantly, establish a lasting foundation for effective, efficient supplier content management.

Increase on-contract spend and ensure use of approved suppliers with​ Marketplace.