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Public contracts: Don’t miss out on business opportunities

Public sector tendering opportunities are an important way of securing new business, with hundreds of local contracts published every week, in every sector, from cleaning and office supplies to security and major construction projects.

Nearly all local authorities, NHS trusts and government departments now handle procurement electronically to save money and time and ensure compliance with the latest contracts regulations.

It is vital to ensure you have your finger on the pulse and do not miss out on any potential opportunities in your own local area, throughout the UK or mainland Europe.

The days of the printed version of the Official Journal of European Union are long gone and there is no effective way to keep track of all the opportunities manually.

It’s challenging to find specific information on public contracts due to the volume available online, and being alerted to new tenders as they are advertised to give you the best chance of winning the business.

Additionally, the European Commission's CPV procurement codes are notoriously ineffective for identifying business opportunities. What is required is a system that very closely reflects the range of products and services purchased in the public sector.

These are the challenges that Proactis’ personalised tender notification service Tenders Direct has been designed to address. It enables users to gain access to relevant tendering opportunities by receiving the latest contract opportunities automatically by email.

We read and individually categorise every contract notice, to guarantee that users receive all the relevant opportunities without the distraction of irrelevant information. We even find the local contracts which aren't published in the Official Journal.

The smaller local contracts are of particular interest to smaller companies as these are business opportunities that they have a realistic chance of winning. The entry requirements and level of competition are much lower for these local contracts and if at all possible councils prefer to award contracts to small local suppliers.

Our target is to ensure that if a tender is published anywhere, we will have that information available for our subscribers, so that they don't have to worry about missing any opportunities or losing out on business to their competitors.

The majority of the tenders come from Central Government, local councils, the NHS and Ministry of Defence, as well as across education, transport and the emergency services. Utility companies which provide electricity, water or gas are also searching for good suppliers.

Tenders Direct users can also opt to receive Contract Award Notices which give details of the companies which are winning contracts. Businesses can use this information as a market monitoring tool and also to identify possible sub-contracting opportunities.

There are literally thousands of tenders out there and with Tenders Direct, businesses receive the right information, as soon as it becomes available, to give them the very best possible chance of securing that important contract.